SVP Cat Scratching Pad with Perch

SVP Cat Scratching Pad with Perch

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Satisfy all of your kitty's scratching needs with the multi-purpose SVP! The 24" scratching pad features all natural sisal, the ideal scratching surface for cats. The 12" x 16" curved perch is the purr-feect place to stretch out or curl up and relax after releasing all of that positive energy. Colors vary. Neutral tones

    • Encourages positive scratching
    • Made with long lasting sisal; the material recognized for it's long lasting endurance
    • No shredded cardboard mess
    • Comfy carpeted curved perch
    Frame Material: Wood
    18" x 16" Pad: 9" x 24" Post: 24" Perch: 16" x 12"x 6"

    Size chart

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