Large Golden Alligator Statue

Large Golden Alligator Statue

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This unique 12" Large Golden Statue is part of the Golden Leaf Sculpture Series. A perfect addition to your home décor, the alligator object is both elegant and natural. Belief in its luck-bringing qualities is timeless: alligators are fierce and fearless, symbols of individuality, protection, and strength. They also represent frugality, as they only consume what they need. Crafted from polyester, this durable object is brighter, smoother, and has an elegant finish - sure to bring your living space to life!

*Amazing gift idea for yourself and your loved ones!
Perfect gifts for yourself, family, friends, or your loved ones.


Length: 30cm / 12"
Height: 10cm / 4"
Width: 16cm / 6"

*Please allow 1-2cm differences due to manual measurement (Note that 1cm=0.39inch) 



Materials: poly resin

More Information about Art Pieces:
This striking 12" Large Golden Statue is made of polyester, so it's far more resistant to breakage than other materials like concrete and plaster. Plus, its bright finish and polished surface bring a luxe elegance to any home decor. Please note that the manual measurements may vary by up to 1-2 cm (1 cm = 0.39 in.). Those slight imperfections are part of its handmade charm! A thoughtfully perfect present for you and your loved ones!

 This would be a perfect birthday, wedding, housewarming, anniversary, holiday, or special occasion gift and wonderful present!

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