Gemstone Dog Collar-Tiger's Eye or Aquamarine

Gemstone Dog Collar-Tiger's Eye or Aquamarine

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An exceptionally beautiful collar made with genuine semi-precious gemstones.

Choose Tigers Eye for a warm sensuous look or Aquamarine for an exquisite, lustrous shine. Both colors look outstanding on our rich hand-dyed brown leather.

Choose a matching lead to add the finishing touch.

Our exclusive products are handmade in England from superior quality bridle leather and lined with soft Italian clothing leather for extra comfort and a luxurious finish.

Every purchase comes with a full written guarantee setting a benchmark for our high quality. We also offer a lifetime repair service in the unlikely event it should ever be needed.


Collar sizes XXS & XS  feature a single color of  ¾” (20mm) gemstones in your choice of Tigers Eye or Aquamarine and have  sturdy, gold-finished buckle and fittings.

S size collars feature ¾” (20mm) Tigers Eye or Aquamarine gemstones alternating with ¾” (20mm) Ivory Agate.

M & L  feature  large 1”  (25mm)  gemstones alternating with ¾” (20mm) Ivory Agate.

All S, M & L sizes come with solid brass buckle and fittings.

Choose a collar size that will fit your dog close to the middle of the fitting.

If your dog’s measurement is close to the tightest or loosest fitting, then please select the nearest collar size and add a customized option, entering the size required taken according to the How to Measure instructions below.

Collar Size  Fits in Inches Fits in Centimeters  Width in Inches  Width in Centimeters
 XXS 10″ – 12½” 25.5 – 32 cm ¾” narrowing to ⅝”   20mm narrowing to 15mm
 XS 12″ – 15″ 30.5 – 38 cm ¾” narrowing to ⅝”  20mm narrowing to 15mm
 S 14″ – 17″ 35.5 – 43 cm ¾”  20mm 
 M 16″ – 20″ 41 – 51 cm 1″ 25mm
 L 19″ – 23″ 48.5 – 58.5 cm 1″ 25mm


Lead Description Length in Inches Length in Centimeters Width in Inches Width in Centimeters
Medium width – Regular length ¾”  narrowing to ⅝” 20mm narrowing to 15mm 38″ 96.5cm
Medium width – Regular length ¾” narrowing to ⅝” 20mm narrowing to 15mm 44″ 112cm
Standard width – Short length 1″ narrowing to ¾” 25mm narrowing to 20mm 38″ 96.5cm
Standard width – Regular length 1″ narrowing to ¾” 25mm narrowing to 20mm 44″ 112cm



To ensure you order the correct collar size please use this easy to follow guide:

1) Using your dog’s own collar, place it around your dog’s neck and note which hole is the comfortable fit.

2) Take the collar off and lay it flat.

3) Use a taut tape measure or ruler: start your measurement at the top of the buckle and measure straight down to the hole you noted.

This measurement tells you exactly the collar size your dog needs.

If you would like the fit to be slightly looser or tighter, add or subtract a little accordingly.

Compare this measurement to the size chart and select the size that will provide a fitting near the middle.

If your dog’s measurement is on, or near, the tightest or loosest hole then select the collar size that will be closest to your dog’s measurement and add a customized option to get a perfect fit.


N.B. Diamond Dogs (U.K.) Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any measurement you provide. Custom made collars are non-refundable. Please provide your dog’s correct collar measurement taken according to our instructions. The entire length of the collar or any other measurement is irrelevant. Although we will endeavor to make your custom collar to the exact size you provide, there may be some slight discrepancy in the finished article due to the inherent properties of natural leather.

HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR PURCHASE: Your purchase comes complete with a care and guarantee booklet. Please take a moment to read the care instructions before using the item to ensure the lasting beauty and longevity or your purchase.

Size chart

Download Measuring Tape (Click Here)

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